Our Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Current Position on the Rebuild

June 17 – Clearance work has commenced on-site. Demolishing the wall on Saughton Road North was required for machine access, however this will be rebuilt when construction is complete.
Building Warrant issued by City Of Edinburgh Council.

Mar 2017 – A Contractor has now been appointed to clear the site and provide a façade retention scaffold.

Feb 2017 – We are waiting on final building warrant approval from City Council

Jan 2017 – Waiting on estimates for site clearance work

  1. I heard the building was not insured?

Many people do not realise the building was in 2 parts, both separately owned.  The “Old Library” to the left was not insured.  The Public Hall itself was insured.

  1. The estimated rebuild cost seems very high?

We have engaged Professionals to provide estimates but will not know final costs until a contract is signed with a builder

  1. Why is the hall not being rebuilt as it was?

The design of the hall was no longer fit for use, inadequate toilet facilities, and not disabled friendly and we wished to provide a modern, flexible space that meets all current building standards. Unfortunately this does mean an increase in the cost of rebuilding.

  1. Will the front façade of the building look the same?

Yes it will look identical from Kirk Loan as this facade is being retained/rebuilt

  1. Who actually owns the building?

The “Old Library” is owned privately.  The Public Hall is currently owned by the Corstorphine Public Hall Co Ltd.

  1. Is the Public Hall meant to create profit for the shareholders of the Ltd Co?

The Ltd Company has NEVER paid a dividend or Directors Fees since it was founded in 1891 and became a registered Charity in Oct 2015.

  1. Who will operate the new building?

Before the fire the building was leased by the Hall Ltd Co to the Corstorphine Youth and Community Association.  As both organisations are now registered charities they are in negotiations to combine into one charity to own and run the rebuilt facility.

If you have any questions please contact us…..