In 1891 the original public hall was 100% funded by public subscription from the local community. The Rebuild Committee is certain the community can repeat that today.

Rather than rebuild a structure which was increasingly out of date it has been decided to provide a facility fit for the 21st Century. The changes are designed to give improved flexibility and accessibility for all and increase the number of activities and groups that can be provided for. The original Kirk Loan facade will be retained as the hall is situated within the Corstorphine Village conservation area.

Corstorphine-Public-HallNow that planning permission has been received for the replacement hall, we are again looking for the community to raise funds. We already have the money required to provide the basic external structure but just as the original shareholders funded the hall we are now looking for community support for the improvements.

We wish to retain as much of the external character of the original building as possible but that will cost extra, so the more we raise then the “better” the building will be.

New Corstorphine Public Hall
The new Corstorphine Public Hall

Can you afford to help us?

If every one of the estimated 40,000 residents of the Corstorphine Area donated £10, or 10% donated £100 each or only 1% donated £1,000 each, we would almost reach our target. We have already received support at all these levels so we know they are achievable.

We have also received support from former residents of the area who have moved abroad and have fond memories of the hall. Do you know anyone who has moved away and would like to help?

There are many ways you can help raise the funds, visit our Donate Options page for more information or email me at


David Sutherland
Corstorphine Public Hall Treasurer

CPHR groups
User Groups

The focus of attention at the moment is quite rightly on the building itself, but the most important aspect of the project is what happens inside once it has been built.

With that in mind, we hope the new building will provide a modern, flexable space in which activities for a wide range of age-groups can take place safely and enjoyably.

The large hall on the ground floor will allow for a variety of sports to be played

and for people to take part in and watch musical events, lectures, presentations and drama. But there will also be new capacity on the upper floor, with two fair-sized rooms that can be rented out separately.

The rebuild will allow us to install a lift and to provide a small kitchen on the upper floor in addition to the larger one next to the reception area.

We are also hoping that for the first time ever there will be enough storage space for the needs of the users.