Corstorphine-Public-Hall-I1If you are familiar with Edinburgh and the “village” of Corstorphine you will be aware of the Corstorphine Public Hall (CPH), a well-loved landmark in the community.

Unfortunately on the 15th October 2013 a major fire robbed the community of Corstorphine of a meeting place which had stood on the site at the corner of Kirk Loan since 1892. For almost 125 years the CPH has been a focal meeting place for the community. Since 1980 the Hall has operated as the Corstorphine Youth and Community Centre.

The building is in the Corstorphine Conservation Area, centred on the High Street, and began life as a Public Hall in 1892, but the main building, a library extension funded by Andrew Carnegie, was added in 1903. As well as housing the fitness studio and youth and community centre it was home to St John's Corstorphine Masonic Lodge [788].
The CPH building is in the Corstorphine Conservation Area, and began life as a Public Hall in 1892, the library extension funded by Andrew Carnegie, was added in 1903. This section, separately owned since the 1930’s, was unfortunately where the fire started. The 3 Principal Shareholders of the Company are, The Corstorphine Literary and Geographical Society, Corstorphine Bowling Club and The Masonic Lodge – St John’s Corstorphine [788] – many of whose members were involved in the original construction. All these organisations and CYCC are heavily involved in the fundraising for the rebuilding project.
The founding body was originally set up in 1891 as a Limited Company, to establish a community hall funded by public subscription; it has always owned the building. Although effectively operating as a charity it has never been registered as such, and as the current shareholders do not wish to benefit from their shareholding the company has now received confirmation from the Charity Regulator it has been granted charitable status (SC046009). Primary Contacts. In recent years the Corstorphine Youth and Community Association have leased it from them and operated the CYC Centre. The two organisations are cooperating in working towards rebuilding the Corstorphine Public Hall.

Corstorphine-Public-Hall-I3 Despite appearances, progress has been made since the fire, the insurance claim has been settled (which would fund a limited rebuild) an Architect appointed and initial plans drawn up. However the old building did not meet all the requirements of present day use and CPH are developing plans for a new and improved building. Part of the original Kirk Loan facade must be retained as the hall is situated within the Corstorphine Village conservation area.

Taken shortly before the fire.

Rather than rebuild a structure which is now out of date it has been decided to try and provide a facility fit for the 21st Century, the proposed improvements include a second floor within the main hall which will give improved flexibility and accessibility for all and increase the amount of activities that can be provided for. The new design including the improvements to the internal layout of the building plus the additional work involved in saving the original stone to be reused in the retained façade has resulted in a need to raise additional funds to meet the total rebuild costs. CPH and the Corstorphine Youth and Community Association have through various fundraising efforts already raised a considerable sum towards the rebuild cost. However currently there remains a substantial shortfall.

We are therefore appealing for help from any potential business or individuals who are interested in seeing the CPH – The Corstorphine Public Hall – rebuilt and would be willing to contribute to this exciting project.

If you are interested in making a donation, large or small, to the rebuilding please either contact us or use our online donation facilities.


Robert J Hyder
Company Secretary

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